Day 9

The girls are enjoying bugging their father with the toys they bought from Santa Cruz. Nicole, being as creative as she is made a monster face to scare Daddy. Daddy is trying to upload the latest update to the web site without too much luck. The phone line has finally been fixed!

I think we swam a total of 4 hours today. Jeannine is becoming quite an expert. She plans on teaching Grandma Kay how to swim.

The girls love the fireplace. Peter does too. He is thinking of having one built in our back yard. I guess if we are not moving to the west coast then he wants to put as much of the west coast style in our house as possible. :)

This is the view from the Chart House, the restaurant we ate at. We saw surfers riding the waves, but at first we thought it might be seals. The girls were very well behaved as usual. This time I only had to make three trips with the girls to the bathroom. I am hoping to cut it down to 1 by the time the trip is over.
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