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This is my Firehawk, number 275 out of 721 for 1999.
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The Story

I bought a 1992 GMC Typhoon, modified by PAS, back when it was first introduced back in 1992. It was one of ~5,000 made for the 1992 model year. I always enjoyed the feel of the power of 285 horses driving all four wheels. For various reasons I had to get rid of that truck (GMC bought it back :<). Since then I've missed the performance of that truck.

Flash forward to 1998 and the various articles going around in the car enthusiast magazines for the Firehawk. The looks and power immediately appealed to me. Limited availability was a bonus too. Much badgering of the wife later we find ourselves in January of 1999.

I go in search of a dealer who can order me a Firehawk. Not an easy task. GM doesn't seem to want to make it easy to get one of these fine cars. Dealers in the area are unwilling to deal. The ones willing to deal can't get an allocation. Sigh....
I have money in hand and the dealer can't get me the car I want! I finally resort to the internet and find Community Motors in Oak Forest. They can get damn near anything (They had 4 WS-6 Ram Airs on the lot)! Best thing they are willing to deal. >Hoorayyy!!

Jan 14th 1999. Order the Firehawk from Community Motors in Oak Forest.

Jan 19th 1999. Wow!! Got my order # and TPW (2-22-99).

Feb 25th 1999. TPW pushed out one week (now 2-29-99).

Mar 8th 1999. Car built. Got my VIN. Not at SLP.

Mar 16th 1999. Car already done at SLP. On the way home. Build #275.

Apr 3rd 1999. Take delivery of the Firehawk.

Aug 1999. Install Whisper Lid.

Sep 1999. Run on Dyno. 279 hp, 293 lb/ft at the rear wheels.

Sep 1999. 1/4 mile run. 13.845/100.91 MPH

Oct 1999. Install 3.73 Gears at Hypercision

Whisper Lid from T. Byrne, K&N air filter, 3.73 Gears

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